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about 7 years ago

Hack Ideas

Here are some ideas and examples to help you get started!


Here are some ideas from our previous Photo Hack Days! 


Here’s a blog post about the Shutterstock winners from Aviary Photo Hack Day at FB headquarters with some great examples of what can be done with the Shutterstock API.


Here are some other ideas:

  • Image memory games or puzzles
  • Image/word association
  • Print Shutterstock images on wall art or decals
  • Sell images in an ad builder
  • Recommend images for someone's social media profile page


Astra by Photoshelter:

Here are 2 products powered by PhotoShelter that provide great examples:



Here are some hack examples or ideas to help participating developers get started:

Check our our Integration Showcase



Here are some tips! First off, it's super easy to pull photos for a venue. Anything you can do with an image (image manipulation, OCR, etc.) you can run on Foursquare venues. Secondly, it's also super easy to translate a lat/lon to a venue, making it useful to translate any raw GPS data into something useful and social. Here are a few questions to help you think of ideas:

    1. Can you predict with confidence that a photo at a venue is of a menu?
    2. App that takes a look at your photos taken during the day, figures out the closest Foursquare venue to that photo based on GPS, and asks you to leave a tip with that photo
    3. Tool that superimposes a venue name/category icon on a photo
    4. Look at our various ways to flag a photo. Train models to automatically suggest flags based on those criteria
    5. Find interesting patterns around venue photos. Are some venues darker than others? Are parks really "green?"



Here are some hack examples or ideas to help participating developers get started:

Mustache MMS Service

PhoneStagram - Add Instagram Filters via MMS

MMS Baby Announcements



A great place to start for interested developers would be the use of the convert functions in our API:



The Creative SDK Explorer Project demonstrates how to use the CreativeSDK to access Behance: Aside from the CreativeSDK, there are also API libraries available in a number of languages here:



Here are some Hack Ideas:

 - Personal photo organization app based on auto-suggested tags or categories

 - Twilio-powered app where people can automatically text SMS/MMS by taking a picture: for example taking a photo at the beach and sending it with auto-text "Having fun under the sun :)" or a concert photo with auto-text "the band is killing it!", etc.

 - Dropbox/Box/Copy app that tags your photos and make them searchable

 - Pinterest image analytics tool that tag or categorize all images from an user/pinboard/whatever and shows the distribution of the different type of content, for example 15% dog photos, 19% cat photos, 65% horse photos, 1% pizza photos