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almost 6 years ago

Presentation Tips

Presentation Tips for Photo Hack Day NYC

*Remember -- you've had over 24 hours to hack, but only 4 minutes to present. So make the most of your time!

- Come up with a description of your hack that is under 5 words. Keep it short, easy to understand and easy to remember. Think of this as the only part people will remember and repeat, so open with it, end with it, and mention it again when you can.
- Focus most of your 2 minutes on the product demo itself.
- The basic elements of an 'elevator pitch' that you can consider using:

▪ The Problem Statement. What is the issue that you are solving, what are the pain points, what is the size of the opportunity (in potential users or $)?
▪ The Solution. What does your product do, how does it work, what platform is it on, can people access it today? If so, how?
▪ Differentiators. What makes your hack different from anything else out there? What is innovative about it? What have you thought about that no one else has?
▪ Be sure to name the APIs that you used! That is what makes you eligible for the awesome API prizes.
▪ Have a good backup. Demos often fail right when you need them most. Have a backup, such as screenshots or simple slideshow in case your demo doesn't work out just as planned.
▪ Practice! You have to practice to know how long 2 minutes is -- they go by very quickly. Practice a few times to get your timing and pacing down.

- Don't spend time introducing your team. Everybody here is brilliant and accomplished, but you're only being judged on what you accomplished this weekend.
- Don't go into detail about the business model or financial projections. No one is expecting a fully fledged business to be formulated already; focus on the product, if you do have an idea of how you want to build a business around your product, that's great, mention it. But the focus should be on what you built.
- Don't use more than 1-2 stats in your presentation. Nobody is going to remember them anyway.

Branding & Finishing Touches
- There are hundreds of hacks that you are trying to stand out among. Get creative!
- Pick a name that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember.
- Since everyone here is working on photo hacks, your name will be easier to remember and relate to your product if you don't use "photo" but some other way to describe your product.
- Other tips for coming up with a name: put together unexpected combinations of words; create new words that convey some kind of meaning; use weird word prefixes/suffixes.
- Do you have a website, logo, distributable build? These all add extra polish.
- Show off, be proud of what you did, have fun on stage and good luck!